High-speed parallel processing with photonic feedforward reservoir computing

  • 作者:Junfeng Zhang, Bowen Ma, and Weiwen Zou*
  • 摘要:High-speed photonic reservoir computing (RC) has garnered significant interest in neuromorphic computing. However, existing reservoir layer (RL) architectures mostly rely on time-delayed feedback loops and use analog-to-digital converters for offline digital processing in the implementation of the readout layer, posing inherent limitations on their speed and capabilities. In this paper, we propose a non-feedback method that utilizes the pulse broadening effect induced by optical dispersion to implement a RL. By combining the multiplication of the modulator with the summation of the pulse temporal integration of the distributed feedback-laser diode, we successfully achieve the linear regression operation of the optoelectronic analog readout layer. Our proposed fully-analog feed-forward photonic RC (FF-PhRC) system is experimentally demonstrated to be effective in chaotic signal prediction, spoken digit recognition, and MNIST classification. Additionally, using wavelength-division multiplexing, our system manages to complete parallel tasks and improve processing capability up to 10 GHz per wavelength. The present work highlights the potential of FF-PhRC as a high-performance, high-speed computing tool for real-time neuromorphic computing.
  • 出版源:Optics Express
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