Real-time signal acquisition based on optical excitable response by pre-designing single-tone preamble waveform

  • 作者:Yang Zhao, Bowen Ma, Junfeng Zhang, and Weiwen Zou*
  • 摘要:Real-time acquisition of target signals is preferred for mobile communication systems. However, under the requirement of ultra-low latency for next-generation communication, traditional acquisition methods need to temporally locate the target signal from a large amount of raw data with correlation-based computing, introducing extra latency. We propose a real-time signal acquisition method based on an optical excitable response (OER) by pre-designing single-tone preamble waveform. The preamble waveform is designed to be within the amplitude and bandwidth of the target signal, so no extra transceiver is required. The OER generates a corresponding pulse to the preamble waveform in the analog domain, which simultaneously triggers an analog-to-digital converter (ADC) to acquire target signals. The dependence of OER pulse on the preamble waveform parameter is studied, leading to a pre-design of the preamble waveform for an optimal OER. In the experiment, we demonstrate a millimeter-wave (26.5-GHz) transceiver system with target signals of orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) format. Experimental results show that the response time is less than 4 ns, which is far lower than the ms-level response time of traditional all-digital time-synchronous acquisition methods.
  • 出版源:Optics Letters
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