Parallel optical coherent dot-product architecture for large-scale matrix multiplication with compatibility for diverse phase shifters

  • 作者:Shaofu Xu, Jing Wang, Sicheng Yi, Xinrui Zhao, Binshuo Liu, Jiayi Shao, and Weiwen Zou*
  • 摘要:Photonics physically promises high-speed and low-consumption computing of matrix multiplication. Nevertheless, conventional approaches are challenging to achieve large throughput, high precision, low power consumption, and high density simultaneously in a single architecture, because the integration scale of conventional approaches is strongly limited by the insertion loss of cascaded optical phase shifters. Here, we present a parallel optical coherent dot-product (P-OCD) architecture, which deploys phase shifters in a fully parallel way. The insertion loss of phase shifters does not accumulate at large integration scale. The architecture decouples the integration scale and phase shifter insertion loss, making it possible to achieve superior throughput, precision, energy-efficiency, and compactness simultaneously in a single architecture. As the architecture is compatible with diverse integration technologies, high-performance computing can be realized with various off-the-shelf photonic phase shifters. Simulations show that compared with conventional architectures, the parallel architecture can achieve near 100× higher throughput and near 10× higher energy efficiency especially with lossy phase shifters. The parallel architecture is expected to perform its unique advantage in computing-intense applications including AI, communications, and autonomous driving.
  • 出版源:Optics Express
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