Engineering a sandwiched Si/I/LNOI structure for 180-GHz-bandwidth electro-optic modulator with fabrication tolerances

  • 作者:Jing Wang, Haoru Yang, and Weiwen Zou *
  • 摘要:Electro-optical modulators are essential for scalable photonic integrated circuits and are promising for many applications. The convergence of silicon (Si) and lithium niobate (LN) allows for a compact device footprint and large-scale integration of modulators. We propose a sandwiched Si/I/LNOI modulator for broad modulation with CMOS-compatible fabrication tolerances. There is a thin film SiO2 spacer sandwiched between Si and LN, which is engineered to tailor optical and electrical properties and enhance index matching. Moreover, the SiO2 spacer is also exploited to inhibit the radiation loss induced by mode coupling. The modulator shows a bandwidth of ∼180 GHz with a halfwave voltage of 3 V. Such a device is considerably robust to the fabrication deviations, making it promising for massive and stable manufacturing.
  • 出版源:Optics Express
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