Equivalence of photonic sampling to signal holding in channel-interleaved photonic ADCs by controlling photo-detection response

  • 作者:Shiyu Hua, Na Qian, Anyi Deng, and Weiwen Zou*
  • 摘要:
    Substantial interests have been attracted in the use of photonic sampling and electronic digitizing for photonic analog-to-digital converter (PADC). However, the nature of that photo-detection with signal holding effects has not been well established. This paper analyzes the equivalence of photonic sampling to signal holding by controlling photo-detection response. In the frequency domain, the high-frequency components generated by the sampling pulse train are folded back into the Nyquist band resulting the signal holding response when the output is digitized. We proposed an approximate response of the photodetector (PD) to verify the theoretical analysis. It is found that the photonic sampling serves as the conventional switch-based sample-and-hold (S&H) circuit in channel-interleaved photonic analog-to-digital converter. In the experiment, the signal holding directly inhibits the timing mismatch without sophisticated calibrations.
  • 出版源:Optics Express
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