Temperature-Insensitive Microdisplacement Sensor Based on Locally Bent Microfiber Taper Modal Interferometer

  • 作者:Haimei Luo, Xinwan Li, Weiwen Zou, Xing Li, Zehua Hong, and Jianping Chen
  • 摘要:We report a temperature-insensitive microdisplacement sensor with a locally bent microfiber taper interferometer. The microfiber taper waist diameter can be optimized to minimize the spectral shift of the sensor owing to the environmental temperature change. With a ~ 1.92-μm-diameter microfiber taper, a bimodal fiber interferometer is proposed and experimentally fabricated. The transmission spectrum shows substantially small temperature dependence matching well with the theoretical estimation. The transmission spectrum is red-shifted in response to microdisplacement with a high sensitivity of 102 pm/μm but without requirement for temperature compensation.
  • 出版源:IEEE Photonics Journal, vol. 4, pp. 772-778, Jun 2012.